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Textile Dyes

We are a key Textile Dyes Exporter & Manufacturer, located in India. Our array of Textile Dyes like Wool Dyes, Fabric Dyes, etc. is available in a wide range of colors in powder as well as grain forms. Our collection can be availed in different strengths like 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% and 200%. We have been using high quality raw materials to develop the product array that make them providing excellent performance even at high temperatures and pH value.

Textile dyes fit was discovered technically in Bronze Age. In the event that we contrast this with the 21st-century, these constitute an imperative portion of the entire business of claim to fame chemicals. Colors that are utilized by the textile business are presently generally manufactured. They are for the most part gotten from two sources specifically, coal tar and petroleum-based intermediates. These colors are advertised as powders, granules, glues or fluid scatterings. The convergences of dynamic fixings commonly go from 20 to 80 percent. These are currently portrayed as new colors and are frequently created for taking care of the requests of new innovation, new sorts of fabrics, cleansers, progresses in coloring machineriest, alongside defeating the genuine natural concerns postured by some current colors. Another imperative component is the way that every one of the items is subjected to regular interest and variety. Industrial textile dyes must ascent up to meet all these new and particular specialized prerequisites.

With the quick changing of the item profile of the textile business, from high-cost cotton materials to the solid and adaptable manufactured strands, the example of utilization of these colors is likewise experiencing fast changes. Presently days, Polyesters represent a noteworthy piece of color utilization. In like manner, scatter colors that is utilized as a part of Polyesters are additionally anticipated to develop at a quicker rate.

Types of Textile Dyes

Textile dyestuff is grouped into the following segments of dyes:

  • Acid Dyes

  • Azoic Dyes

  • Basic Dyes

  • Direct Dyes

  • Disperse Dyes

  • Reactive Dyes

  • Sulphur Dyes

  • Oxidation Dyes

  • Mordant Dyes (Chrome Dyes)

  • Optical / Fluorescent Brightener

  • Solvent Dyes

  • Vat Dyes


  • Textile dyes are highly colored dyes with partial or insoluble in water

  • They do not have any natural chemical affinity for cellulosic fibers. These are converted to soluble lucoform by reducing agents by solutions like NA2S

  • These dyes have great colorfastness The colorfastness improves after treatment with metallic salt.

  • These are amorphous and not readily applicable for wool because of strong alkaline property.